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What is Glow Node?

Glow Node is a company who at its core are traders.
We decided to design our own strategies in to our flagship indicators to help better the trading community.
Our premium indicators collection consists of 2 flagship indicators. Our Main indicator( Glow-Node) is an all in one indicator. Using this indicator can’t be easier, We designed our indicators for user-ability gone are the day’s where you need to play with 100’s of settings to get what you need. Simply select a strategy from drop down and away you go.
Our other indicator is Glow Node Alerts, This indicator is very unique and allows you to set up alerts for over 32 Pairs while only using one Trading View alert saving you from ever needing a paid subscription again.

Why choose Glow Node?

At Glow Node we pride ourselves of being able to give your one to one support.
We provide you we large amounts of value and will try and help you become a successful trader, Whether this is through our free training course or using our indicators. We are here to help.

Can we guarantee profit?

No we can’t guarantee any improvement to your performance, nor is any strategy capable of maintaining a percentage accuracy over time. Our indicators are designed to assist you with your trading and help you analysis the markets quicker and easier.

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